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Exciting News!

BVB IA Pittsburgh welcomes NEW location, BVB IA Pittsburgh City/ South!

Gio Reyna Welcome Video

BVB International Academy America


BVB Academy America is dedicated to the growth and development  of every BVB soccer player, striving for the total development of the individual and the team. Development, including technical skills, tactical knowledge, physical power and fitness, confidence, leadership and the achievement of goals will be accomplished through perseverance, work ethic, sacrifice, dedication, sportsmanship  and a belief in both themselves and the team.


Welcome to BVB International Academy Pittsburgh

By Nancy Lane 05/28/2021, 6:15pm EDT

BVB International Academy America Welcomes Pittsburgh

By Nancy Lane 05/28/2021, 6:00pm EDT

Joint Press Release on Behalf of Borussia Dortmund, PUMA and BVB International Academy America.

By Borussia Dorthmund, Puma and BVB International Academy America 07/18/2019, 5:15pm EDT